The Business Athlete® - the most efficient and comprehensive way to create and sustain a high performing, high satisfaction culture.  

What our CLIENTS say about us

I would not hesitate to recommend
the Business Athlete model to anyone who aspires to be the best they can be in whatever they do.

It's a recipe for success.

I think the concept of winning without losing is extremely important. Business Athlete shows you how to achieve and maintain the balance.

Made me see what purpose I can serve both in my personal life and in business.

It is a "new perspective" that is vital to all

The breakdown and steps make moving toward success far easier.

In today's businesses there is increased pressure to improve individual and organisational performance.

Business Athlete is a methodology where performance principles used in elite sport are translated and used to accelerate performance in the business context.

testi-img.jpgWe create and deliver programmes where business leaders, teams and organisations can maximise business performance, fulfil more of their potential and win in business without losing in life.

Consider for a moment the level of attention and detail that goes into developing a talented athlete.

Imagine a business leader or executive team receiving the same kind of attention that an athlete does – but tailored instead to their own professional and personal needs in the business and personal context.

And imagine if that business leader or executive was coached to coach themselves, so they could translate principles and practices from elite sport and apply them self-dependently, over the long term and in their own context, to fulfil more of their potential.

Welcome to The Business Athlete®.

The Business Athlete Approach

This month Colin Wilson, our CEO and Director of Programmes, talks informally to camera about the need and opportunity for business to adopt new a philosophy in order to achieve rapid performance improvement, and the rationale for the Business Athlete approach in achieving this. Ask for a copy to download.

The Business Athlete® method helps to:

  • Close the 40-90% performance gap
  • Tap into your unfulfilled potential
  • Maximise business performance
  • Develop a culture of high performance and satisfaction
  • Win in business without losing in life.

Who it's for:

The Business Athlete® specifically supports:

  • Organisational performance culture
  • Senior executives
  • High-pressure lifestyles
  • High potentials
  • Transitions and promotions
  • High performance coaches
  • High performance athletes.

More info

Take the Business Athlete Profiling Assessment.

See how your organisation (or you as an individual) shapes up as a Business Athlete. Find out:
  • How much of your potential you are currently using
  • How much of your potential you need to be using to meet your challenges and achieve your goals
  • Where to refocus organisational (and individual) energy to release more of your potential 

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